Monday, August 27, 2012

School Days

We are fast approaching the second week of school but the first was one to remember. 
Last week was a roller coaster of emotions. On the first day of school, I wasn't sure if Brooke was more excited to wear her new outfit or the actual excitement of her new school and class. She was the first one up ready to go fully dressed and fully confident. Maybe me saying a hundred times "this is going to be the best year of her life" paid off and she is starting to believe it. Parker on the other hand was dragging his feet, still in PJs playing and hanging on to lazy morning times we had in the summer.  
He kept saying "I'm just nervous mommy" all morning. I couldn't agree more... I was nervous too.
It was such a weird feeling knowing my kids will be spending more time at school than at home. Plus thinking for the long term of marking their school career for all those years to come was so much to think about. 
My precious little children are going into the BIG crazy world of public school. 
Whew, it was a lot on my heart but a lot out of my control.

My beautiful baby twins turning into sweet Kindergartners. 
You can see the unsure face on Parker, and the silent confidence on Brooke. 
Proud Parents 
"Really Mommy, Today I have to go to school? "

Walking to school 
Once getting to the class, Scott and I both were choking up but still encouraging them on,
Parker was gaining excitement. 

My excited kids! 

Brooke found her seat and ready for the day. Brooke gives me a kiss on the cheek and tells me she loves me I feel the tears coming...
Before leaving the room, a last picture then give Parker a huge hug and grabs my arm saying "I'm just going to miss you mommy!"  Yes the flood gate opens and tears are rushing through. I leave the room with Brooke's big blue eyes looking at me not knowing what is to come. Scott and I look at each other in the hallway choked up thinking I can't believe this is so hard. 
I know the twins are right where God wants them and he is with them every step of the way, which reassures my heart but I'm still sad. All day was tough couldn't stop thinking about them in the BIG class wondering what they were doing or experiencing without me. I walked out of the school thinking of thoughts of homeschooling, how I could do it. 
But I'm a firm believer that it's our job as Christians to be the light where there is darkness. I know Parker and Brooke will be the light in the class helping, loving and guiding their friends. With their strong support from home and praying God's word as a protective shield I have confidence joining in the work that God is already doing in their lives. I know more than anything that God has them in the palm of his hands and he will be with them every step of the way. My prayer for them is they will put their trust in HIM and it will never be  shaken and they will continue to live in Christ rooted and build up in HIM! I pray the twins will flee from evil desires and pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace along with those who call on the lord out of a pure heart. 2Timothy 2:22 

Next was on Thursday our little J-man started Pre-School.
Boy, was he ready! Full of excitement to be like his Brother and Sister he never hesitated.    
Get ready Preschool the class clown has arrived 
He walked in like he owned the place and jumped right in 
Playing with Play dough 
Mimi joined us  
He's ready for school even if it's only for two mornings a week. 

My Monday night girls group is doing an awesome book called 
Praying Scriptures for your Children by Jodi Berndt 
It's been a prefect read while we have been getting adjusted to our new schedule.  
As for me, you may think I've got so much free time on my hands .. 
think again the appointments have been consuming me.. need to run to head to the next one. 
But we are off to a good start!  

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Soo Peterson said...


I have to admit, there are many times I read your blog with tears in my eyes...I love your stories and how God is using your family to bless Him!!

I hope school is off to a great start. Those teachers are lucky to have your kids!

Love you!
Soo Peterson