Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Few More...

You know everyone says "enjoy them now because it goes by so quickly" it's true I know! It's hard to remind ourselves of that when we're in the mist of it all. Our frustrations will change and become much tougher when they get older. Unlike today as Brooke loves making up her own songs humming them all around the house while Parker vrooms his car noises and Jonas laugh screams up and down the hallway while Kate fussingly grunts for her food. I have to remind myself that someday these little voices will turn into talking teenagers begging to use my car, or talking late on the telephone with the opposite sex, or playing silent because they keep things to themselves. Oh how I can get nervous just thinking about 4 teenagers in our house. While Parker and Brooke will be seniors in High School, Jonas will be a freshman and Kate will be in 8th grade. I really can't even imagine what that will be like and really I don't want to yet. 
I want to just enjoy them now because before I know it will be gone. 
Daddy with his boys 
Daddy with his girls 

Me with my boys 
Even pictures like this I will miss showing their fun  personalities
Brooke started to tickle Parker, Jonas doing his normal scream laugh 
Which lead to a complete tackle, laughing with a cry from Kate in the background. 
Good thing our pictures don't have volume as this last one would be loud, but boy I'm going to miss the loud sweetness of my children 5 years and under. 
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Jon y Amy said...

Heidi, these were so fun to see! What a beautiful family.

leemeandthegirls said...

Your family is so stinkin' cute!