Friday, June 15, 2012

Beach 2012

Sorry your going to have to wait until next week to hear the rest of the story... 

On this Flashback Friday, I'm doing our beach vacation as it was at the same place as last year
This was the group last year 2011
 but we grew a little! Our group 2012 
 The Girls 
The Boys 

We had a few more families join us and plus some of us added to our families. There never was a dull moment and the kids always had someone to play with that is the greatest thing about going with a big group! 
 All four kiddos together at the beach 2012 
 We stayed for the whole week the whole family of 6 for 7 days .. just priceless!
beach 2011 
beach 2012
 Last year was hard at the beach with a toddler around 19 months old plus Jonas would get worn out easily, he didn't love the water or the sand but this year he couldn't wait to jump in and actually loved the beach more than the pool. It's amazing what a year can do when your going on vacation. 
He was a joy and just loved the whole week! 
The twins beach 2011 
The twins beach 2012 
The baby faces are surely turning into young kids 

Last year, I went from large in charge pregnant mama 
to this little bathing beauty with us this year 
Wearing her first piggy tails enjoying the sand, water, sun and kid entertainment all around her. 
It was a year to remember and can't wait until our week beach vacation next year. 
We might get brave and try somewhere different. 

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Donna said...

The bigger, the better, and the happier! =D It’s even more fun to go to the beach with the kids because they have all the energy that the adults could really need. Their excitement is just contagious, don’t you think?

Donna Parsley