Friday, February 10, 2012

What a Week...

It's been a crazy whirlwind week.... with Jonas recovering from a nasty sinus infection and Kate with a borderline ear infection and with bronchitis, they both were on high demand! Then we had a bug infestation of some crazy beetles that only took hours to clean/ kill while getting ready for 6 house showings this week ( If you didn't know we are selling our house), then my car decided to break down which was consuming for a whole day, and in the middle of it all we got an offer on our house....
 WHEW! Take a deep breath it's Friday and I finally have time to breath! 
Even through these crazy busy times, 
God continues to teach me, challenge me, helping me grow even more in the process. 
So, today I relax and pray! 

I leave you with some pictures of a few weeks ago, we went on a picnic.
You can tell how Jonas and Kate's relationship is blossoming into cute buddies! 
Only thing on Kate's mind is what are we going to eat ... 
she is in love with her food. 

Jonas talking baby talk to Kate while Kate is up to something... 
Kate goes in for the grab and thinking I want to eat his head .. while Jonas is trying to pick up his drink 
Jonas loves it! Belly laughing like crazy  
Then quickly goes in for a big wide mouth sloppily kiss 
 Jonas belly laughing, Kate still thinking I want to eat him! 
"Kate you can chew on my finger" says Jonas 
I say " Your so sweet Jonas, baby Kate just loves you" and he goes in for the return sweet kiss he loves her too! 
 Kate is in love as she just lights up when Jonas plays with her.. he barely does anything and she's laughing or smiling like crazy but in return Jonas loves that she tackles, plays rough and can throw down. 
These two are going to be good buds I can tell! 

I'll keep you posted on selling our house in the meantime pray for us! 
Moving seems very overwhelming 

All our 6 children have been sponsored thanks so much for everyone willing 
to help care for these beautiful children!
 If you are still interested we still have more children within our group that need sponsored families! 
Check it out here for more details 


leemeandthegirls said...

Moving is the pits, but your kiddos are ADORABLE!

Jessica said...

I just love these pictures! Check out that nice camera work-you been taking lessons?

Susan said...

Oh, Heids, sound like a terrible week. i am sorry for that. PLEASE let me know if I can help in any way. Precious pictures as always!! I miss you and when you come visit, bring 'em all-what fun!