Friday, December 16, 2011

Tis the Season to be Merry

Christmas is fast approaching, seems like the stores had it correct this year to start stocking Christmas items before thanksgiving because you forget how quickly it sneaks up on you. I wasn't really prepared this year, I'm sure one day I will learn to plan ahead. With a mad dash, I was able to find their Christmas PJ's on sale after thanksgiving. We usually give them their PJ's on the night we decorate the tree so they have them all month long to enjoy. This year we did it a night early so they could wear them to the local Christmas parade the next morning and then go shopping for our tree.Fun to walk around in your pj's all day:) Parker would live in his Pajamas if he could. 
For once it was a cool outside so I wanted to take advantage of it. 
This picture is for you college friends out there ...
Does Brooke remind you of someone?
 with her pants hiked up... haha 
apparently I might have wore my pants too high
At the Christmas Parade bright and early 
Jonas not feeling very well :( 

 We have been to this parade the past few years and we always forget how long it is... 
2 hours but lots of candy given to keep us on a sugar high.
Kate's first parade was spent mostly sleeping but many more to come. 
It was a great start of the season with getting a tree, decorating it, and then out to dinner with some friends. 

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Carissa said...

Heidi, Merry Christmas! I am catching up on your blog and thankful to see the wonderful pics of you all! Jonas's smile is as amazing as ever. Praise the Lord for His goodness!