Monday, December 19, 2011

Last Minute Shoppers

Shopping with New Purpose 

Since having Jonas home it's helped me to realize Christmas season in a new light. It's given me a new perspective to the running around endlessly buying gifts for our families that have so much already and really you don't even know if they would enjoy anyways. It's a guessing game you play in your mind of if they already have something like this or would they even like it. Why not give to someone that is in desperate need of it? The past couple years our extended family stopped giving gifts to one another and instead we give to those that really need it. There are endless numbers of organizations that you can pick out gifts from catalogues. Like mosquito nets to prevent malaria, families to grow their own garden to have food, money towards a well project .. it's endless the different opportunities you have to give to make a difference. 
Here a few organizations 

Also if you want to still give a gift to your love ones, a friend recently got me a gift from our local Ten Thousand Villages store. 
It's a great way to help artisans in developing countries to earn income by bringing their products to our market. It's a fair trade retailer... the artists come from 38 different countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Middle East and America. There are more than 390 retail locations. What a unique gift... handcrafted expression of culture.  I would encourage you to find one close to you or order online. 
Click here to read more about them 

Also if you want if you wanted to know some organizations that help support Africa and Orphan Care 
Click Here for some great ideas! 

For you locals...not sure if anyone saw the 60 Minutes spotlighting the homeless problem in Florida, but believe it or not 1/3 of all homeless people in the US live in the state of Florida.  We watched this 60 minute special with the twins and you could see their little wheels turning. They couldn't believe people in our own town live in cars. 
They want to make a difference... which the next day I was on the phone calling the rescue mission. 

It's up to us to make a difference to look at this season as a opportunity to be a servant to those in need and to give generously! How are you going to be doing this? Whether it be our neighbor, a stranger, relative, or a person from another country.. lets make their Christmas a little sweeter! 

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