Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Annual Company Party

That time again?? Yes for me the dreaded company Christmas Party.
 I struggle every year with wanting to go.   So exciting to go hang out with a bunch of people I see only once a year and make small talk about your lives, while trying to impress the big wigs of the company (did you catch the sarcasm??).  For me it's kind of fake and not on the top of the things I would choose to do. I'm not good at smooching .. I'm very honest and outspoken so I'm not good at watching what I say. 
It's always the busiest week of the year, which can be stressful as my mind is racing on what was I suppose to bring to the school party and program next week. You have to find a nice dress you only wear once... which I hate to shop and waste money. In the past we have gotten in fights because I don't want to go, which I know is not fair. Well, this year I turned a new leaf... I didn't want to complain and I wanted to love my husband as I know this is something that means so much to him. It's his one time of year to introduce me to the people that he sees more than me on a daily basis. It's my job as a wife to step it up! I asked my sweet friend to let me borrow a dress, which was a huge relief. I put all other distractions aside and focused on my husband by listening about all the fun dynamics in the office. In the end, I really did meet some great people and usually do. It's a small sacrifice to show my husband how much I love him and what a difference it made this year. I would ask you to do the same and hopefully feel the same as I did. 
Is there something you need to sacrifice for you spouse?  
I'm embracing the camera with my hubby this week
 Who are you embracing the camera with? 
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Angel said...

You're beautiful! I'm sure your husband loves showing you off each year. I love when I gain a better perspective on something I don't want to do. It's amazing how it makes not only me, but everyone around me happier. I hope you have a merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

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