Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Whole Hand Old

I just can't believe my sweet babies turn 5 years old today!! I know everyone says it goes so fast but it's true, the last 5 years have been the fastest years in my life. All the chunky cheeks have faded and the sweet baby voices have turned to be more wise. You feel like a lot of your molding and instruction as a parent  have turned a new leaf ... things you have taught them are being shown in their character and slowly they are becoming their own personality. As you catch them telling a friend about something you have said before or sharing a toy by being generous, or seeing them become such sweet friends,  doing things you before have told them but now doing them automatically... making you a proud parent. All our hard work is paying off... the consistency of discipline is making a difference and you are starting to see the impact it making in their lives.   As a past kindergarten teacher, at age 5  it's by far the BEST age in my book. Their foundation has been laid but become even more sponges of learning about the life around them. 
I truly think the fun has just begun. 
 Their love is like no other ... this morning I found them snuggled talking in bed together. We joke that they are like an old married couple. They know what the other is going to say before they say it ,they hardly fight and are good about looking out for one another, and having completely different personalities that complement each other so well.  They are so blessed to have each other to share life with. I just love how close they are!
 1st Parker birthday Kiss...a little strong

 Then Brooke lands a big one on him in return...
 Jonas is thinking" looks like a little too much Brooke"

Jonas is off to school and the twins head to breakfast 
The twins are officially a whole hand old ... 
I remember thinking that was cool when I was little 
I think this year will be a year of the sillies with lots of jokes that don't make sense but we will always laugh anyways. 

Parker hugging Brooke too tight .. her with a fake smile saying that hurts

 Then Parker loosen up but pulls another funny face ...
Brooke is thinking "Really Parker?"
When visiting them at school for a little celebration Parker is elbowing Brooke to get her to Laugh... I'm telling you it's like they have been married for years. It's just too cute! Who wouldn't want a Twin brother or sister to share life with!? 
Happy Birthday sweet kids!
So glad you made me a mommy 5 years ago truly the best years of my life! 

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Jon y Amy said...

So sweet! I feel like I know them! Happy Birthday!