Friday, October 7, 2011

Mr. & Mrs.

The wedding was beautiful! After Scott being gone for 7 days to Ireland leaving me with the kids we thought it was only fair that I got to attend his cousins wedding. I abousently adore her and wanted to share in her special day!! So I jumped on a plane with baby Kate to Scott's cousin Kelsey's wedding. As with every wedding there was drama but nothing could hold these two back from being united as one.  It was gorgeous weather and a priceless setting on a ranch (which pictures really don't do it justice).  
It overflowed with Kelsey's fun country side of her soul... daisy's all around, horses to greet you at the entrance of the ranch, and she and her bridesmades even wore cowgirl boots with their dresses.

 My beautiful Nieces were the flower girls 
They did an amazing job, listened closely to every word the minster said 
 and were so emotional after 
 I love this picture, it has been a roller coaster for them all week but it all disappeared at this moment. Really they have had a lot to deal with in their relationship... much more than most. 
Look in the sky a bright light shined above them (no I promise it's not my camera )... I took two or three of them right after another and none of them had this in them. All I can say is that there was some celebrating in the heavens for finally this union.
 These are two strong and mature Christians that have an amazing life ahead of them. Their minster spoke directly to them and captured all our hearts. I cried tears of joy that finally they are getting a chance to start a family they have always dreamed of... reminded me of the day I got married.  
We are lucky... when they return home from their honeymoon they are packing up their bags to move to sunny Florida. We get to share in their new chapter together. Hopefully we will be a wonderful support. I tell you they are one strong couple that has a lot in store for them and their love for Jesus is overflowing to everyone around them. 
Congrats Kelsey and Josh  to many years of happiness that awaits you both!  

By the way baby Kate was perfect, didn't cry the entire weekend except for the last 30 minute delay on the flight. Hopefully she's going to be the easy child?? 

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beautiful wedding!