Thursday, September 15, 2011

Help Me Jesus

Just when you think school begins "wow I'm going to have so much more time on my hands now" .. well, that was funny... still not a minute to spare throughout the day and now you throw in getting everyone ready for school in the morning it's just busy chaos. I'm coming to the reality that it's the new norm around here everyday a little different and not to be fooled if it goes smoothly for a hour or two and think I have it under control because within a few minutes it can all go crazy. I really think it's God's sense of humor to think I could actually have control when it's all his and when I'm not leaning on him is when the total chaos begins. I'm slowly learning I need to be leaning on him through every weak moment throughout the day not just when I think I have a little extra time to spend with him. It needs to be every second, every minute of the day when the control goes right from under me to let it go and God will show up, picking me up, sharing his strength to get us through it. My new line I need to get into a good habit of saying out loud is "Help me Jesus" hopefully my kids will learn from my example that I cannot lean on my own strength and do it without Gods help. He has entrusted me with 4 of his children it's my job to do all that I can to raise them up in his kingdom. OH "Help Me Jesus!"

p.s. Thank the Lord for my gift of a wonderful loving Husband that isn't giving up and supports me along the way. (As I type this he's cleaning the kitchen... see I told ya he's amazing) I couldn't do it without you Scott!  By the way our 8th year Anniversary was one of the best:) 
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Hall Around Texas said...

Beautiful kids!!

Boni Lady said...

gorgeous little family you have!! you are blessed!

The Gambrel Family said...

Great group shot! Adorable kiddos!