Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Jonas has started swim lessons. We live at the neighborhood pool in the summer... with the heat this week almost reaching 90 degrees we take full advantage of the pool any chance we get. A few weeks ago, Jonas just jumped and fell into the pool many times. He has NO fear and just LOVES being in the water, so I knew it was time to start swim lessons. The 1st day he was all smiles and couldn't get enough, the next day he struggled leaving me but by the end of the week he was so happy again. These videos are only his second week and he's still so happy.. I wish you could see the smiles better on his face in the video.  This is rare as all the toddlers that do it before and after him scream cry the whole time. What a blessing that he loves it so much.. it really makes it so much easier for me. He usually chants Water! Water! all the way down the road right before the pool... I had to instigate him this day to do it. 

His first activity of many and he sure is mastering it quickly. We are just so proud of him but not as proud as he is of himself doing it! 

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hlpcharlotte said...

he is just too cute!