Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Super Moms

Yes, I would like to call us all super moms.  Wouldn't you? Knowing how many kids we have?
These are the kids of my Ethiopian women's group...I have the least amount, being 3 and one in the belly!
We have been meeting for a while to talk adoption... it's fun to have such a wonderful supportive group. We have been walking a journey with each other these last few months while they have brought their children home.  We have just one more little girl from Ethiopia that will be here soon, by the end of the month. There are 8 Ethiopian children, and the total between our five families is 30 children... yep you read that right 30 little lives we watch over and care for! Two little ones are in the belly and 3 were in school.  You can understand why it's so nice to have a girls night to talk about kids:) Pretty amazing to have a group with such a love for children and not putting a cap on when their families should stop growing...just trusting on the Lord. 
Who knows how big this group will get but I do think it's not finish growing..( I know huge gasp) 

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