Thursday, May 26, 2011

Karate Kid

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Yes, we have our own Karate Kid, Parker is now a yellow belt. They did their belt testing during the week. I was nervous and I wasn't sure he could do all his skills to pass but boy he proved me wrong, he knew everything and did such a great job. Karate has really built his self confidence up and instills really good values. This past month was about showing self control and teaching what that may look like.  They always have to say " yes Sir" and stay focused.  They had a fun belt ceremony Friday night showing the parents what they have learned in their class. Of course pizza after to celebrate the big achievement. 


Watching the other classes perform 
White belt's turn to show off their skills. 
Let me just tell ya .. Parker can do some awesome push ups thanks to daddy practicing with him. 
 Scott had some fun with photo shop that I thought I would share.. too funny. 
Yes we are very proud of our very own Karate Kid! 
Stay tuned for Karate Kid #2 (Parker's orange belt) in the fall 


Ruthie Hart said...

haha I love it! He looks so cute in his little "gee"

Kim said...


Boni Lady said...

cute {embrace} ... and congrats on the yellow belt!

Eva said...

So fun! What a great milestone to capture!

Jessa said...

that poster is awesome. well done!

Jami said...

that Karate Kid poster is soooo funny! What a great day ;)

Unknown said...

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