Thursday, April 7, 2011

Off to work

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Today's embrace the camera is of Parker and Daddy. 
This morning Daddy decided he was going to take Parker to work with him.
 With a backpack full of things to help entertain him,
they are off for a day full of doing golf stuff.
Should  be an adventure. 

As Parker was walking out the door he said,"Brooke
 and Jonas I promise to bring a treat home for you."... ahh 


The Pendrak's said...

Corban loves going to work with Daddy! Parker will have so much fun :)

The Gambrel Family said...

That is great, my kids would love to come to work with us!

Laurie J said...

what a fun adventure to go to work with daddy! <3

Esther said...

too too cute! jacob was dying to go with daddy today too!

Unknown said...

How cute!!!!! Love that blonde hair!!!

Unknown said...

oh so sweet. what a great memory!

i still remember going to work with my mom :) felt soo grown-up!