Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Elsa's HOME!!!

I'm so overjoyed to share that finally sweet little ELSA is HOME! I will never forget the day that Emily told me they were adopting, my heart was jumping with joy for them. It's been a journey with seeing her on the child waiting list the same day as Emily.. we fell in love with her beautiful smile.. she was just perfect.  Through the ups and downs finally she is home in her momma's arms forever. What was even more special about this reunion is that Emily met Elsa for the 1st time at the airport.  The emotions were running high through everyone to encounter such a special moment.  

Her smile lights up the room and melts everyone's hearts 
Someone missed their daddy so much! 

Tears of Joy
Jeanie meets Elsa.... She is our friend that hopefully will be bringing her little boy home in a couple of weeks 
Jonas was happy too .. yes his dimples are still there:) 
Proud mama taking her baby home! 
Elsa and the Anderson Crew you are well loved .. we are celebrating with you this moment that we will remember forever! Welcome home sweet girl, we are so blessed to be able to watch you grow for the years to come. 

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