Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Blessing

 On Tuesday our sweet little niece Ansley Taylor was born at 11:35am weighing in at 8 pounds 11 ounces, 20.5 inches longShe is just perfect! You forget how precious a newborn is with the sweet baby lotion smell and soft skin. It made us so excited that we are having our little Sunshine in just a few months. Brooke was overjoyed to hold her within 5 minutes being there she was ready and so proud to be her big cousin. 
Me with all my beautiful nieces .. oh how I love them! 
Brooke was a natural and was very confident in holding her. She helped her Cousin Abby to get enough courage to hold her little sister.  
I think Scott is ready to be a dad again .. he just melted holding his niece. 
Parker typical boy wanted to stay his distance but enjoyed playing non stop with his older cousins.  
Jonas was loving the extra attention from family all around and he did pretty well with us holding the baby ..
 not too jealous but we will see when Sunshine gets here. 
I just can't wait to watch her grow into a special young lady. 
 It is such a great and fun time in life to add another special child to our family. 
Thank you Lord for such a healthy beautiful blessing! 
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Tanyia said...

What a beautiful little baby! Happy Embrace the camera day!

emily anderson said...

can't wait till that's scott holding your little miracle! love it!