Thursday, February 24, 2011


Last weekend we got to spend the day with our cousins.
We are just blessed to have such fun loving cousins. 
Ellie and Abby are so sweet they greet us at the park screaming "THEIR HERE" and come running over! For being older than the twins and Jonas they are so good about including and playing with them. Ellie instantly unbuckles Jonas, kissing and loving all over him. Brooke has a thing about matching... she heard they were wearing plaid so she was all over that. 
 Jonas with his older cousins 
 Of course everyone looks up to Ellie as she's the oldest and they think she is soooo cool .. usually all I need to say is " Ellie does it" .. usually works every time with them. 
Brooke and Abby are like sisters one minute they play so nicely together then in a second they will be fighting. They are only 18 months apart and I will put money on it that these two are going to be close super close when they are older getting into sneaky trouble together..maybe like their mamas did:)  
 Our friends joined us at the park too 
Dana and I with our bellies she only has about a month left until baby Ansley comes into this world. So excited to meet this new little niece! 
All the Cousins together for the many years and memories to come I can't wait to see what God has in store for this group! 

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