Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Time

You know those moments you just want to capture and put them in a kept sake box? This year was one of those moments.. it was so fun putting up the tree with the kids. They we so excited they walked with an extra jump in their step for every ornament they got to hang on the tree. They wanted to know every story about each ornament and they especially loved looking at the art and craft ones they had made the previous years. They were in such awe of everything even Jonas as he loved the lights outside. Brooke and I had walked across the street to admire our lighted house and Jonas said "AHHH" because we were:) It being his First Christmas makes it a special one! We were worried about Jonas taking down the tree and believe it or not he hasn't touched it once...knock on wood:)
I gave the kids new Christmas PJs and Brooke kept saying "thank you mama thank you!" It was just one of those nights... no one had a melt down, or was tired... we all just got along so well and the love was flowing. We talked about the meaning of the season, about Jesus' birthday and how important it is. I hope and pray my Children grow up knowing and understanding there is just so much more to the season than gifts and Santa. As long as we keep the focus on Jesus then I think they will too.

Our finished tree..don't you just love looking at it admiring how blessed you are?

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