Friday, July 16, 2010

Sponsoring a child

This morning I just signed up for our sponsored child from "Trees of Glory" a care center in Ethiopia. Her name is Tigist, a 9 year old who has lost her father, and is living with her mother who is not able to provide for her. We will find out more specifics about her situation in months ahead.
To register for a child it's so easy .. you can go to the website at sponsorship is only $34 per month you can pay monthly, bi monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually whatever works best for you.
We are able to write her as much as we like and the letter will be translated by Adey in Ethiopia and read to your children during her next weekly visit. We get updates every week about our precious little girl.
The Sponsor Coordinator for "Trees of Glory" and "Kind Hearts" in Ethiopia is

Karen Wistrom please check out her blog it is so inspiring!

They also will be coordinating at least one trip to Ethiopia each year for sponsors and anyone else that is interested to visit the kids and work on a project. I hope God opens the doors for me to be able to go! I will have to wait and see:) Karen will be leading a team this November. So, please pray for them!

It's our duty to reach out and make a difference we need to stretch our pockets and provide for others! There are many ways to get involved here a few other options....

Read the book Red letters and let it move your heart it has an amazing amount of resources

you could feed a child for 50 cents a day.

Compassion is a leader in responding to the Aids crisis give a one time donation or also set up a monthly gift

Change our shopping habits and join the RED campaign for the red products you buy a portion of the profits goes directly to help fight AIDS in Africa

It begins with just one step! Each step you take can build to become your journey. Your time is precious on this Earth let's make the most of it by changing a life.


Aunt Susan said...

bless you, Heidi for posting this. I love Compassion. And, for those concerned about their money, Compassion has been given the #1 rating by the top charitible auditing/rating organization for the last 8 years. It is the only sponsoring organization(it is really a holistic child devlopment organization) that brings children out of abject poverty through Jesus spirtually, emotionally, financially, socially, and physically. I sponsor 4 children and THEY have blessed us richly. I love too their pictures they send and their letters of love, hope, encouragement. These kids didn't know how to hope nor what dreams are, but, now, through Compassion, our personal relationship with lettersand sponsorship, and Jesus they do. We were priveleged to have a Kenyan who was sponsored by a teenager through Compassion 20 yrs ago. Jimmy now is no longer in spiritual poverty nor any other kind of poverty. He is working on his Master degree in theology at Moody Bible Institue and came to visit us last weekend. What an absolute blessing to this community is was. He is going back to his homeland when he finished at Moody and spread the Gospel by building up a program for youth.

the crazy armstrongs said...

wow I didn't realize all that .. thanks for sharing!! I can't believe he came to visit you .. I want to see picture how GREAT is that! if anyone emails me about compassion I will let you know :) love you