Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One Week Home

We have been home for a week and everyone is adjusting great! We took Jonas to the pediatrician last week. The doctor was amazed he was 25% for his growth and looked very healthy. When we received the referral he wasn't even on the charts and they were worried about his measurements. He was laughing and all smiles for the doctor until the nurse gave him his 1st round of vaccines. Then big alligator tears filled his eyes...but as we were leaving he did mange to give out another big smile to the nurse goodbye. He seriously is the happiest baby. They ran some blood work we will get the results of this Friday. I'm not worried a bit because he was really loved and cared for in his orphanage. I think he seems to be attaching great, every time I walk in the room he wants me to hold him. When others hold him now he looks for me... these are all good signs. The only issue right now is sleep... we are slowly working it out. The 1st night home he was up around 10 times, but it's getting better slowly. We did introduce solids, rice cereal, and bananas which are helping a little. There is just so many new things he is experiencing it's going to take time for him to adjust. He has had a new time change, new formula, new surroundings, and a new family.. I would be overwhelmed:) One thing is for sure... that he is not in love with our sweet dog. Every time our Lab goes around him he gets very concerned. I don't blame him he's only a 120 pound animal with sharp teeth looking at him. Every day I still want to pinch myself knowing he is here in our family. He is just so fun, loving, and happy. I have had many friends reach out to me lately about adoption and I just can't tell you enough positive things about our experience. I would recommend it to anyone and I'm here if you ever want more information. It excites me so much to know others may adopt now after meeting Jonas or knowing our story. I want to help get children into families. There are so many children out there just waiting for their forever families! My dear friend Jessica wrote a GREAT post that I would encourage you all to read called Why Adopt?

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