Monday, February 22, 2010

One Week Left

This time next week, March 1, is our court date. We will find out if we passed or not. I couldn't sleep at all last night thinking of all the things I want to get done and wondering how it's going to be holding our sweet boy in our arms. The excitement just got a hold of me that I was wide awake. I just can't wait the first time I lock eyes with him and hold him sleeping in my arms.. oh my heart is just so excited. Last Friday ,Feb.19, baby J turned 5 months old. Our director went over to Ethiopia this week and to my surprise.. I got a few updated pictures of our sweet angel. He's gotten so big .. I just couldn't believe how much he had changed in just one month. He's always got the biggest smile and just looks so happy. He has grown so much and looks very healthy! Which is such a relief to me to see that he looks happy and healthy. God is just so good!

Only 7 days until our court date please continue to pray our sweet baby home. I read on another girl's blog that it's a 50/50 pass/fail rate. Why wouldn't we pass? some of friends/family have asked ... on March 1st, a judge will review our dossier in Ethiopia. One missed detail in our dossier (paperwork) can be cause for failing court. Also, we need to have a few sentence letter from the Ethiopian MOWA (Ministry of Woman's Affairs). If this letter isn't present, which is a common scenario, we would fail the first date. There is nothing on our end here we can do... it's all in the hands of the judge in Ethiopia. If we don't pass our first date, a second date is given, usually 2-3 weeks later. After we pass court, an expected travel date is 4-6 weeks after court. I fully have surrendered this to the Lord and know he has worked out every detail of this process so far. I TRUST in him that he has the perfect timing for us and our family to be untied, but in the meantime I can't stop by mind from wondering what that special day will be like.


Chandler said...

Hey Heidi! I just want you to know that I am praying for you! Please don't hesitate to let me know how I can help you as your neighbor. I think I saw that you are having a fund raising garage sale. I do have a few things that I can donate. Let me know when I can get them to you. Feel free to email me:, Adam and I are so excited for your growing family. Love, Chandler

Jon y Amy said...

Hey Heidi,
F-I-V-E long days left. How are you doing in the wait?

Amy G (IAG Client)