Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No updates

No updates really .. We have been waiting on our court date. It's definately the hardest part of this whole process. You have seen your child's face and seen videos that melt your heart and boy that makes it tough now to just wait! Have I told you that he is perfect? :) He is .. I have a picture of him on my desk that I look at with his big dimples and happy smile that lights up his face. Have you ever just had a moment that you get so full of emotion just thinking how blessed you are? We should just stop our busy crazy lives and soak in all the beauty around us. Everyone has beauty around them. If you don't see it then you need to ask the Lord to show it to you. Seeing life through Christ's eyes is the best feeling in the world. It's true contentment to see beauty in your situation... where you are right now. I see beauty in this waiting process that it's teaching me to lean more on the Lord, to enjoy my life as it is right now, and to not worry about what is next. We could hurry our lives away wondering our next steps that we miss what the Lord is trying to teach us. Believe me everyday He has a plan to teach us something. I ask you all to find joy in today. Today I find joy in the precious gifts I have been given especially the gift to pray for our baby J

Dear Lord,
I come to you with a loving heart for our baby J .. he is a child you have created inside his mothers womb for our family. I thank you so much for this amazing gift. Lord, be with him, keep him safe and healthy. I know you have the plan for him to become officially ours. I TRUST in You and Your timing as it never fails. Thank you for the desire to have another child, Thank you for giving Scott and I so much love to give, and most of all thanks for this opportunity to raise another one of your children. Lord give us wisdom on teaching our children all about you. I pray they know You Jesus! We lift this baby up to you... watch over him while he sleeps, keep him warm and growing strong. Most of all please help us bring him home soon! Amen


Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

Praying with you! The wait time is a blessing-it encourages us to lean on HIM. Can't wait for your precious boy to be home in your arms. Thanks for the reminder to take in God's beauty in the midst of our chaos.