Friday, January 22, 2010


The start of 2010 has been very exciting. I've had many mixed emotions about sharing our news. There are many people I follow in the adoption blog world and have been waiting so long for their referrals. I really want to be sensitive as I know that waiting is the hardest part of this process. Our story has been so different and I'm sure those out there waiting will understand and hopefully have joy for us:)

It was Tuesday morning Jan. 5th, the day after Scott flew out to Hawaii for the week (as I always had a feeling it would be this week). I was writing some emails and my little Parker had gotten his pants wet and wanted to change. We went upstairs to change when I heard the phone ring. I couldn't get to it... as a mother it's always hard to get the phone when you are in the middle of something. "I will call them back" I thought to myself . Then the phone rang again .. wow my heart dropped... I knew it was THE call. I went to the cordless phone upstairs and it was dead (of course) then ran downstairs while missing it and then I heard my cell phone ringing... oh now I really know it's THE call. I started to shake and looked at the phone... it was my coordinator! OH wow it really is THE call! I put the kids in front of the TV and called her back quickly. My heart was racing while thinking "oh no, Scott is gone". I called her back and she had our referral! WOW I thought I can't believe we are going to know today... and today is the day to remember. We talked a few minutes and I told her Scott was away (the running joke with friends and family is something ALWAYS happens big when Scott is away) So I got off the phone quickly with her and started to call Scott... NO ANSWER! Oh no! with the time change it was like 6 AM Hawaii time. I called again and again but I couldn't reach him... I'm dying pacing the house shaking and so excited. The kids looked at me strangely and knew something was up. I called again and again 3 times in a row and he finally called back 78u(it winds up that he was in the shower the whole time!!)... whew I finally had him on the phone and said "WE HAVE A REFERRAL!!!" We were both so overwhelmed knowing that we were going to find out what we are having. I was expecting an email from our coordinator with pictures, but Scott needed to head into work since it was the first golf tournament of the year and there were some big meetings he had to be at.

After putting the kids down for a nap .. I waited and waited which was a gift to sit in quiet praying to God. It was such a peaceful happy moment I wrote in my journal knowing our lives were going to be changing forever. It was a great time for reflecting but I was still dying to find out about our child. Scott's meetings seemed like it took hours but finally he called me. After a few attempts of Internet problems Scott was able to finally get his email. We decided to do the same thing as we had done with finding out the sexes of our twins. You can do the same thing by counting to 5 in the slideshow. What do you think it could be?

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Amy said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for your family.