Wednesday, January 20, 2010

God Moment

So after finding out our news we had a great God moment. You know my friends Jessica and Nick? They are the original ones who talked to us about adoption this summer. They are adopting two sibling from Ethiopia they were schedule to travel on the 16th well, after we knew who our baby was they wanted to see him just as badly as we wanted them to meet him. We arranged just in time to fly them two days earlier to visit the care center where our child was at. They left last Thursday the 14th. They got to visit our little boy last Saturday and hold him and give him new clothes, toys and pictures of our family. It was just priceless that God gave us such a gift to have friends be able to meet our child! Our friends that God put in our lives to even tell us about adoption. God is just so BIG!! bigger than we can ever understand and works out so many small details that reminds us to TRUST in him as he ALWAYS knows whats best. They have sent us pictures this week of our little one.. I can't stand it the more pictures I see the more I can't wait to get him home! Another detail God worked out is that my friend is a nurse and could get correct measurements, weight and height, plus most of all she could LOVE on our little angel. Plus lots of pictures and even video! It's just priceless. They have received their girls now and are doing GREAT! Check out her blog They get home this Saturday and we can't wait to greet them at the airport. Her emails this week have been amazing and I just can't wait to hear all about their journey. Please pray for safe travels and the adjustment in their home.
Aren't these girls just priceless I can't wait to meet them in two days!

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