Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our First Ethiopian Dinner

Last night we went to a local Ethiopian restaurant with our friends Jessica and Nick who are also adopting from Ethiopia. The restaurant is called The Nile and it's located on International Drive. We are just so thankful to have a restaurant here to teach us about Ethiopian food. We told them we are adopting from Ethiopia and they were very excited for us. The owner came over to explain the food to us and hooked us up with a little bit of everything. If you have ever had Indian food, it's pretty similar. You can see from the picture it doesn't look very appetizing but it sure did have a lot of favor.

It was such a wonderful treat to have her explain how to eat the food... you grab the bread (injera) to pick up the chicken, lamb, or beef combinations and eat with your hands. I love it... if only we could eat with our hands every night... So fun!

After we ate our dinner which was very delicious they like to do a coffee ceremony
This is where she roasted the coffee beans in a small pot while incense was burning. She then ground the beans and brewed the coffee. It was very strong... like espresso.

We will be going to this restaurant a lot with our family to teach our children about the Ethiopian traditions and culture. The people that own this restaurant were just so loving and welcoming .. we can't wait to go back to learn more.

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