Monday, November 16, 2009

Islands of Adventure then Universal

We had a fun day at Islands of Adventure and Universal. Our family had some extra tickets that had to be used this weekend so we took advantage of it. It was a glorious day outside with the temperature in the low 80s and low season for tourism.. so not crowded at all! We started off at Islands of Adventure at the Dr. Seuss area where Brooke for the 1st time showed fear in the above picture while waiting in line when her nerves kicked in. .. she use to be so fearless of all the rides and would go on anything but her conscience got a hold of her. She couldn't pull it together enough to join this ride. Parker was nervous because Brooke was scared.. a twin thing:) So we watched from the sidelines while our friends rode.

Jessica and Nick joined us with their three kids ..they are our friends that also are adopting two little girls age 3 and 5 from Ethiopia. They just found out about their court date being on Dec.3 so pray for them that they pass the 1st time! Check out their blog
Brooke quickly wanted to ride the carousel next .. she was so excited.. then so was Parker...

Below .. Brooke and Caroline are such cute friends.. I wish I would have caught the picture showing them holding hands.. I just love it when your kids love on other people when your not watching melts a moms heart.

Parker is so funny when it comes to trains he loves them and this truly could be the only thing he will remember is riding the train. I just can't believe this phase hasn't left us yet but I'm glad .. trains are everywhere and fun.

Above Jessica , Caroline and Caleb getting ready to take off... again no lines it was crazy.
After a nice quick lunch we left Dr. Seuss. Scott and Nick rode the HULK Then off to Jurassic Park area.. While waiting in line I told Caleb and Parker to look at the bug on my camera so I could get a picture and this is what i got below ... haha

So, I couldn't believe Parker went on this ride... he became our fearless one today.. so proud of him. He's so happy to spend time with daddy... Scott can talk him into anything.

Brooke was getting a little worn out here but she came back for a second wind... We headed to Universal to finish out the day. It was a great day with no melt downs, no lines, no hot weather, no kids fighting... it was just a pure enjoyable fun day!

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Jessica said...

We had a great day! Thanks for the invite. Today my kids heard the Barney song on PBS and said we went there with Brooke and Parker. So fun!