Sunday, November 22, 2009

Girls Weekend, Boys Weekend

On Friday, Brooke and I went on our first trip together. We flew up to Hayesville NC with Preston and his wife Kim to surprise my Aunt Susan for her 60th birthday party. Brooke was VERY excited... it was so fun to just have one child for the weekend and pour so much attention into her. Brooke did great on each flight and the car ride through the mountains from Asheville to Hayesville. After settling in for a few minutes in our cabin my Aunt showed up (her house was just a few down from where we were staying). Brooke and I ran into the bedroom to surprised her but I think it spooked Brooke more than Susan... she began to cry... haha. It was a fun night with grilling out and telling stories. It was the 1st time for her to be away from Parker... you realize how close they are when they are apart. I think sleeping was different for the both of them as they are so use to sleeping in the same room.

Scott and Parker had a boys weekend too... they went to a fun Gator game in Gainesville on Saturday. They had Mimi (Scott's mom) join them for a fun full day. I heard all about it from Parker and he wasn't so happy about the real gator on the TV screen. He said scared me Mommy. Parker was so cute talking on the phone to me and Brooke all about his big day. He kept telling Brooke how much he missed her. They were like an old married couple talking about their days.. just so cute.

Parker watching the Gator game
For the girls on Saturday, Brooke and all the gang went to feed the Alpacas (which are like lamas). Brooke was not scared at all. She feed them right out of her hands
Don't you just love Brooke's outfit her Aunt Susan got her this cute TRUE cowgirl outfit. She was just so cute in it. We moved on to the horses next but they were a little hyper and came running down the hill and playing with each other... so fun to watch... Brooke just loves them. She is a true animal lover! Hopefully this summer we can do another trip up to see Susan's horses and maybe get to ride them... it was a little too busy this weekend.
Then on Saturday night was the big western surprise party where about forty of her friends and lots of family were there to celebrate with her. I think Aunt Susan was very surprised to see all her friends waiting for her. Jana (my cousin) did a great job decorating! Way to go Jana you did such a great job with the party! I know it had to be a lot of work. It was a great time.
Sunday was raining and getting really cool... I was thankful to be heading back to 75 degrees is all I could think about:). We all enjoyed a country family breakfast before heading on the road.. to Asheville.
Brooke got to hang out with her little cousin Summer. She is just so sweet and such a good baby. Don't you just love those cheeks and such blue eyes. Brooke was a little wiped out from the weekend .Summer loves Brookes hair... too cute. I'm so thankful we could meet her and just can't wait to see them again soon.
W ended up having extra time because our flight got delayed so we got a little taste of downtown Asheville. I love it and would love to go back as it's grown so much since I went to college near there. Such a small, and cute city. Brooke and I finally arrived home last night around 12:30am. Brooke was such a trooper and it was just so fun to enjoy her fun loving spirit. A trip would not be complete without a little sickness as Brooke and I both are wiped out with bad colds:( it's that time of year.

Happy Birthday Susan! we love you and so glad we could take our first girls trip to come see you!

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Aunt Susan said...

Thank you Brooke and Heidi for making my birthday so special. I love you.