Monday, October 12, 2009

Their Actual Birthday

We have started a birthday tradition we go to breakfast at our favorite place called First Watch to eat chocolate chip pancakes. The kids LOVE it!
It was funny my friend Rachel had sent me an email she found on her computer that I sent everyone when the twins were born .. I thought I would share it with you! You can hear the excitement in my voice .. oh how it is the second best day of my life!! (In case your wondering the best day of my life was marrying Scott :)

Dear Everyone!

The new little additions are here! I'm just soo happy words just can't describe! They came 11 minutes apart on OCTOBER 12, 2006. First born was Parker Forrest Armstrong weighing 5lbs 5oz at 6:07pm...... next to follow was Brooke Fyr Armstrong weighing 5lbs 12oz at 6:18. We picked the middle name of Forrest because of my cousin that was in a serious accident. He is truly a miracle to be in this world just like our little Parker. We choose the name Fyr for Scott's mother's maiden name to keep her name going for generations to come. Fyr means lighthouse in Swedish.

The delivery was long but worth every ounce of pain when I saw their beautiful faces. We were released from the Hospital on Saturday night at 6:30pm. Gave them their first ride in the new mini-van ( Scott doesn't like to call it a mini-van, he calls it an FUV..... Family Utility Vehicle). When we arrived home I was very surprised to see two HUGE storks out front announcing their births. It brought tears to my eyes to know we are now a family of four!

The first night home was rough ... we had no idea how wide awake they would be!! We both sleep about an hour. Last night was much better now that they have the hang of breast feeding better. Scott and I are so filled with joy and we love waking up to them!

This experience is what everyone told me and so much more. The bond you have with children is so amazing it's hard to describe! We are just so in love with these little gifts from God! Scott and I love being parents and are looking forward to watching them grow. Here are a few pictures, we'll send more as they grow.

We love you and can't wait for you to meet them!

Heidi, Scott, Parker, Brooke .... Oh and Lucky

I just can't believe how tiny they were. They are such blessings... I love you Brooke and Parker and so thankful I get to spend another day with you in my life!

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