Saturday, September 5, 2009

Swim Lessons

This Summer Brooke and Parker took there second round of swim lessons. Brooke only needed a one week refresher before she was a show off :) She loves to swim. Parker on the other hand needed a few weeks I just don't think swimming is going to be his sport. He started the first two weeks really having fun but this day was his turning point that it went down hill...I think it was a new pool and mommy wasn't there. He actually much stronger and his stroke is better than Brookes. Brooke just has no fear.. that is funny that her middle name is Fyr(pronounced Fear). She loves the challenge of learning new things! Here is a video of her swim lesson ..

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Laura Ammons said...

Poor kid! Is he crying that entire time? He seems a little traumatized but that's awesome that he swims so well at his age!