Friday, August 21, 2009

Our 1st Day of Preschool!

Brooke and Parker started preschool.. YEAH! They go to a small Presbyterian church program right down the street from us. This year they are going twice a week Thursday and Friday. Wow what am I going to do with myself to have two mornings.. I'm so excited! Their teacher is from Scott land and seems to be very organized and a little harder than our sweet Mrs. Kris last year. But I do think they are going to learn... so many new toys to explore. Parker is extremely excited about her train sets and Brooke the dress up clothes. What fun to be in preschool! I caught some cute shots of them before they were off to school.

Our funny faces

Our sweet faces

I caught some twin loving!

My big kids!

When we got to school Brooke went right over to the pinkish purple play dough. Parker went right to the cars, trucks and trains. No tears this year.. they were so ready for school to start. Its going to be a fun new school year.. I just can't wait to see what they learn.

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