Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday afternoon

Hey Everyone!
I get so hung up on doing this blog.. I wish I had time to pour my heart into this! It's hard to juggle time to share our precious memories with you. Since I haven't done a baby book .. I really feel I should dedicate time to writing in this blog. So much happens during the day now that the twins are quickly approaching 3 years old. Their words are so funny and they are just cuter than ever! Having twins is just a true blessing .. I try to stop and enjoy every little minute as the time is just going so fast. I'm approaching 32 years old on Monday... wow that really sounds old but I still feel young at heart and I don't want to let go of that! I guess really why I'm writing this is I really would love to better at writing and sharing our lives with you! This is my promise that I'm going to try if my computer problems don't get in my way!

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Jana said...

HELLO...your blog is so cute now! Did you do the header yourself? If so, teach me! You know there are websites that will turn your blog into a book. So if you keep it up you can have it printed. That is my plan when Summer turns 1 so I will have her first year documented as I am not keeping a baby book either.