Monday, July 27, 2009

Kelly's Baby Shower

Our beautiful Mama to be.. Kelly!

On Friday afternoon ..I waited and waited for Scott to get home. I was so excited to head up to Jacksonville to attend a baby shower honoring Kelly. She has had such a difficult struggle during her pregnancy it's by the grace of God we are celebrating this little girl. Even though she has had trouble that words can not describe, our relationship has grown to a different level. Many friendships in our lives come and go but this is the type of friendship that last forever. Kelly, I'm just so proud of you to getting to this point with such great strength, love, and faith.

On Saturday was the big day we had afternoon tea at the Row restaurant in Riverside. It was such a cute place and fun to enjoy women without interrupting children:) Kelly was overwhelmed with gifts.. and so excited to finally set up her nursery. Her dreams are so close to coming true! I just can't wait to meet this precious little gift from the Lord .. she's already loved so much. What a day that is going to be.. I just can't wait. I will keep you poste
Also, I will post some photos when I receive them of
course I forgot my camera :)

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