Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Preston

On Sunday, we meet Preston in Winter Park for a birthday breakfast. We got a card for him that Parker loved.. it said A long long long time ago were born.. haha and the music was of star wars .. which Parker thought sounded more like superman. Once "PA" opened the card he lost it as Parker took it over. It was a gorgeous day we sat outside and had a wonderful breakfast. After we finished, they were blocking off the streets for a St. Patrick's day Parade. There was a sweet older couple playing Irish folk music up on a stage we walked by and Brooke kept saying no mommy, no mommy, come on... so I followed her and she walked right up on stage and began to dance. It was one of the cutest moments she loved this music so much (I think she was the only one) to see her free spirit come out and enjoy dancing with all these people looking at her she could have cared less! Every time the music stopped she would run over to the couple and say "please more music... please more music" with her arms crossed waiting patiently .. then they would begin again and off she would go into her contemporary dancing. Parker slowly joined in with a running, jumping dance. He is defiantly not as graceful :) If only I had my video camera. It was such a fun precious moment.. to see your children enjoying the beautiful life the Lord has given us.
After a hard workout of dancing we took Brooke and Parker to get ice cream. I just love how lit up they get when you ask them if they want ice cream before I get the word out they are screaming for joy! We were just in time to see the St. Patrick's day Parade.. what a fun day it was and how perfect to end on some brother sister love...

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aunt susan said...

these are wonderful pictures-every single one of them- all keepers. I really like the one of the back of precious little Brooke in her long dress and long hair and also the one of course of Parker and her spontaneously kissing! love ya'll, Aunt Susan