Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We started with the whole family to ease them

So, I wasn't sure how the twins would handle seeing Santa this year. Since, last year was nuts and they screamed the whole time. We talked all about Santa in line and we had Daddy & Mimi come to help pump us up for the big moment. After waiting about 30minutes in line .. they were ready .. stepping up to him ..I could feel their nerves but the photographers used great distractions. I think we needed up with some great shots.. it's such a real looking Santa
So of course we had to have one with them screaming to keep the tradition.. I just love that we got Santa crying too!! :)


Jana said...

Heidi,I am so glad your back blogging! Keep it up. The Santa crying is too cute!

Jana said...

Heidi...I need a new post!
What are those cuties up to these days? How about uploading a video from your new recorder?