Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas Day!

Christmas was a different story for us this year. The twins were so much fun... it brings so much joy to Christmas when you have children to celebrate it with. Their wondering minds and overwhelmed with excitement was so fun to share. Their "PAW" (Preston) had gotten them the jungle animal rocking horses. Brooke got on and knew exactly what to do.Parker tried but he for sure got the sound of a lion down with a big Growl.

We love our animals!! Thanks PAW and Aunt Owie!

Parker getting the hang of opening gifts and Brooke ready to take it from him.

Brooke was excited when she got a snowman ornament she so easy to please..

Not awake yet trying to figure out what's going on?
Our brand new red wagon! We can go to the lake and feed the ducks. Thanks Mimi and Pops We love it!! Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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